Umbra is a portable lamp that adapts its function clearly to the consumer´s needs. The flexibility of its possible applications makes the product innovative and unique for the urbane environment.

Due to technological achievements of the 21st century, new possibilities concerning light design arise. The invention of the energy-efficient LED allows us to disconnect our light sources from the power supply system and therefore, it is possible to transform them into mobile companions. Consequently, a new generation of luminaries can be created and we are able to contribute to the development of their first steps.
I wanted to create a portable lamp that, due to its flexibility, offers great scope for the use in urban as well as in private environments.
Umbra can easily be put into different Positiones. The shape invites to be touched and explored. The front body is detachable and can be placed with the light facing down to create an indirect lighting situation. The parts and kept in place via magnets. A dent in the surface indicates how it should be placed over the inductive areas.
The Umbra – „Hold me“ floor lamp is the first step in the product family. The Umbra gets magnetically mounted onto the head. In the base is another battery to enhance the luminous period.
For charging you can easily put the charging pad in between the two parts. This will allow functionality while the battery gets charged.
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