Over the years our definition of working environment has changed. The pre digital generations are adapting to a future that is dynamic, versatile and focused on efficiency whilst the post digital generations are demanding it. This requires new concepts and products to answer their needs. Axis is a stackable, light weight and ergonomically advanced office stool that adapts to all the scenarios created in a modern office space.
„inspired by skateboard trucks“
In order to create the most compact and simple mechanical design we implemented a well-known and proven mechanism used in skateboard trucks. We adapted the parts for our needs to create a 360° tilting freedom. The top part is embedded into a silicone damper to avoid any friction between the components. One single screw holds together all parts and is used to adjust the freedom of movement. The human body was not made for sitting in a fixed position for long periods of time, this leads to a lack in concentration and physical pain. The seating area adapts to your natural movement with its unique 360° tilting system. This will enhance your blood flow, movement and your work efficiency.
material & sustainability
„100% biological materials“
We specified a material that leads the way into a greener future. For this we decided to use Bio thermo-polymer as our main material, this polymer is biodegradable and recyclable. Using injection moulding as the main production method allows for low production costs and the ability to achieve high production numbers. The material surface is very resilient against scratches due to its rough texture and due to the simple disassembly of the product we envisage a closed loop system of recycling at the products end of life. This means that every Axis of the future contains an Axis of the past. This is a must in modern product development to support our future.
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